We listen and understand client’s needs and prepare customized and affordable solutions according to latest trends in layout, fixtures, and amenities. helps you in every aspect of bathroom remodeling from cabinets to floor selection and from faucets to fixtures.

our service

  • Remodeling focused on contemporary designs and latest fixtures and hardware

  • Efficient Bathroom Design

  • Plumbing and Electrical Design

  • Bathroom Flooring

  • Installation of Fixtures and Cabinets

  • Managing remodeling projects from the layout design to fixture installation

  • Optimized space use and character with efficient layout

  • 3D design and sketches of BATHROOM remodeling

  • Removal and Installation of BATHROOM Counter-top 

  • Removal and Installation Floor 

  • remodeling from working drawings, lighting, and plumbing to fixture installation

  • Taking care of city permits and building permissions


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